Have You Been Bitten by a Zombie Quote?

A libertarian author writes,

I confess I was lured to your site when I should have been writing and editing something else. 

It was the zombie quote article.

In that article, “Beware of Zombie Quotes,” I take a commonly repeated Randolph Bourne quote — “he who mounts a wild elephant goes where the wild elephant goes” — and show that it’s actually a fake, a misquote, a lifeless zombie infecting the brains of unwary authors.

Our reader continues,

Dammit if I don’t have that on a personal webpage wrongly attributed to the deformed WWI pacifist Randolph Bourne.  I thought I confirmed the validity but obviously I did it with one of those zombie sites … and the mutant quote continues to spread.

The sad thing is that the zombie quote has much more zing to it than the original…but who created it?  Anonymous, who is undoubtedly a friend of the Invisible Order!

I wish we’d thought of planting false quotes around the Internet so we can debunk them, but our job is shotgunning zombies, not creating them.

To find out what the real quote is, and how you can detect undead, read the original article, “Beware of Zombie Quotes.”

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