New Ebook — Separating School and State

SeparatingSchoolAndState-CoverThe Future of Freedom Foundation’s most popular book of all time, the award-winning, best-selling, myth-smashing book Separating School and State is now up for sale as a beautiful, convenient ebook. It’s ready to read on your iPad, your Kindle, or even your desktop.

Here’s what FFF’s Jacob Hornberger had to say:

We recently converted FFF’s book Separating School & State: How to Liberate America’s Families by Sheldon Richman into eBook format. It is available for ordering here in Kindle, iTunes, and Nook. This is a great book! It is FFF’s all-time best-seller. I can’t recommend it too highly.…

It would be difficult to find a better example of a socialistic program than public schooling. The state gets its “customers” through mandate. If parents don’t subject their children to the system, the parents are fined or jailed. If they remain recalcitrant, the state takes away their children. The curriculum is set by the state. The schoolteachers are government employees. The system is funded by taxation.

The results, as most everyone realizes, are abysmal.

At Invisible Order, we’re prouder than a whole pride of lions to be a part of FFF’s new digital releases. The epublishing revolution sets great books flying free — and makes it easier every day to break out of the state’s program of educational imprisonment.

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