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Mike Reid has served as a marketing & publishing consultant for Institute for Humane Studies, the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics, the Mercatus Center, and more. Mike loves expressing big ideas with little words, studying audience data, and experimenting with new technologies connecting audiences with messages they care about. His current passion projects are in email marketing.

5 of Reason Magazine’s Greatest Interviews in 1 Ebook

coverebookOur latest ebook creation is hitting stores just in time for the holidays: Reason magazine’s collection of their greatest-ever interviews, vol. 1.

This first volume has fascinating conversations with Ronald Reagan, F.A. Hayek, Thomas Szasz, Timothy Leary (yes, the drug visionary), and Christopher Hitchens, complete with illustrations and covers from the original magazine articles.

It’s a beautiful gift for anyone who appreciates a good dialogue. Just follow this link and you can be reading it in minutes.

Merry Christmas!

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Sustainability vs. Local Knowledge

20121218_SustainabilitythumbA young woman came to my door the other day and told me she was raising money to teach farmers in the Philippines about “sustainable agriculture.” 

“Wow,” I replied, “You must be a major expert for Filipinos to reach out halfway across the world and ask you to come teach them.”

“Oh,” she said, “well, we haven't talked to the Filipinos yet. This is just the money we need to get our organization to the Philippines. Then we'll teach them all about sustainable agriculture.”

This 20-year-old, wearing her paisley bandanna and her hemp necklace, fabulously rich by global standards, is only one of the many idealistic people the West now exports to manage the lives of the global poor.

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Capitalism as Epic Rap Battle

Who would win in a rap battle, Adolf Hitler or Darth Vader? Maybe that question hasn’t exactly been gnawing at you, but in the cutthroat emerging market of Internet entertainment, writers, actors, and producers innovate tirelessly to get your attention.

One of the strangest commercial successes to rise from this crucible is the Epic Rap Battles of History, a YouTube musical-comedy series that now has more than 1.8 million subscribers. That’s a block of loyal fans that most TV stations would kill for.

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Anything Worth Learning Can’t Be Taught

Mike Reid had a great chat with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network on education yesterday.

Children are learning machines. Kids learn everything, and not just what we try to teach them. They look for knowledge in any place that they can find it. However, now the United Nations wants to mandate authority-based education: the system that has worked so well in the US. This means that children in developing countries will be forced to learn in centralized factory-type facilities. They will be prevented from working, thereby limiting their workplace knowledge.

Mike believes that the key to truly higher education lies in privatizing schools, allowing children to learn in the workplace, and recognizing that different kids learn differently.

Check out the podcast on FSN.

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Passive Gunfire

In Mark Bowden’s account of the SEAL Team Six mission that killed Osama bin Laden, he uses a very clever form of the old passive-voice-for-government-violence trick.

The passive voice, for those who need a refresher, is a way of organizing a sentence that downplays the actor and emphasizes that which is acted on. For instance, in the classic passive sentence “Mistakes were made,” the emphasis is on the mistakes. But who made them?

I noted in “The Voice of Tyranny” that the passive voice is especially useful for diffusing responsibility for state violence, as in “the protestor was struck in the head.”

In his account of the SEAL raid on bin Laden’s Abottabad compound, Bowden uses the active voice when the SEALs shoot bin Laden or anyone who is clearly an enemy combatant, but he uses the passive voice every time the SEALS put a bullet in a woman or anyone who might be considered an innocent bystander.
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Horrible Schools for the Whole World: Exporting Educational Failure

At a United Nations meeting in the year 2000, the world’s governments agreed on the goal of enrolling every child on the planet in primary schooling by 2015.[1] Strangely, this lofty plan does not say anything about the quality of schooling; the whole idea is to get children into government-approved classrooms, apparently regardless of what happens there.

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Have You Been Bitten by a Zombie Quote?

A libertarian author writes,

I confess I was lured to your site when I should have been writing and editing something else. 

It was the zombie quote article.

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