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All Hands on Deck

Monday, March 4, was National Grammar Day, and to celebrate held a photo contest to capture the best (and most hilarious) grammar errors that litter our semantic landscape.

Here’s our favorite, slightly augmented:


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an Orwellian interpretation of Orwell

IngSoc, Reagan Bush '84Despite being the 20th century’s greatest anti-socialist novelist, Orwell has found himself posthumously adopted by a wide variety of socialists.

His novels 1984 and Animal Farm, which attack English and Soviet socialism very directly, are taught instead as generic anti-"totalitarian" works.

As David Aaronovitch writes in BBC News Magazine,

[T]here has been a well-established and heartfelt desire on the more moderate left to claim that Orwell was indeed a genuine socialist whose warning was aimed at totalitarianism in general, not at the left per se.

I was reared and schooled by the kinds of leftists who embraced Orwell and taught me that 1984 was about totalitarianism in general, not socialism per se. I even thought of the book as an attack on the Reagan administration, and argued with my (neo)conservative girlfriend about it in high school. A few years later, I was very embarrassed by my easy acceptance of the interpretation I had been taught.

(h/t Wendy McElroy)

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The Stateless Man

I (Mike) will be on the Stateless Man radio show on the Overseas Radio Network Monday at 1:30 pm EST to talk about Idle No More, the huge indigenous protest movement here in Canada, from a libertarian point of view.

If you haven’t checked out the Stateless Man with Fergus Hodgson yet, I suggest you give it a try. Fergus is a libertarian writer and adventurer with fascinating guests every week — including, this week, an Icelandic girl whose name was outlawed by her own government. You can listen in tomorrow via the Overseas Radio Network’s online player.

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Rise of the Indigenous Protest Movement: #IdleNoMore and Native Liberty

Right now in Canada, thousands of indigenous people and their supporters are rising in protest against a long train of government abuses. The latest insult is a new federal law that many see as being designed to help crony capitalists rob the indigenous people of their remaining land.

The protest movement is called Idle No More, and it reflects longstanding aboriginal traditions of limiting centralized authority, and relying instead on voluntaryism and polycentrism as organizing principles.

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Caine Is Even Smarter Than You Think

There is a beautiful video circulating today about the ingenuity of a child and (even though most viewers don’t know it) the beauty of capitalism. The video is called Caine’s Arcade, and its star is a 9-year-old boy who builds arcade games out of cardboard boxes in his dad’s auto shop in L.A.

Caine works on this project all summer. His game designs are ingenious, resourceful, and fun. But the arcade is in a run-down neighborhood, and he only gets one customer, Nirvan Mullick.
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