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Capitalism as Epic Rap Battle

Who would win in a rap battle, Adolf Hitler or Darth Vader? Maybe that question hasn’t exactly been gnawing at you, but in the cutthroat emerging market of Internet entertainment, writers, actors, and producers innovate tirelessly to get your attention.

One of the strangest commercial successes to rise from this crucible is the Epic Rap Battles of History, a YouTube musical-comedy series that now has more than 1.8 million subscribers. That’s a block of loyal fans that most TV stations would kill for.

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3 SEO Best Practices for Libertarian Websites

Every libertarian organization should make search engine optimization (SEO) part of their online outreach efforts. Good SEO enables you to attract and engage with people who want to learn more about your message, so you can convert them into regular readers and contributors to your cause. At base, the term “search engine optimization” means finding methods to increase the frequency and quality of your site’s appearance in search results, meaning that you attract more interested searchers more often.

While advanced SEO can sometimes involve complex site modification and strategic planning with a specialist firm or consultant, there are three simple steps that most organizations can implement today with very little expenditure of time and effort.
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