How to Describe Changes in Your Ebook

When we show you a draft of your finished ebook, we’ll ask you to take a look and note any areas that you’d like us to change. Because ebooks are a new medium, many people have trouble finding the words to describe the features they want changed.
This page is designed to help you communicate conveniently about your book.

As we say in our 10-step guide for creating an ebook compilation,

The best way to send us feedback is to create a list of all the changes you want, giving the chapter number and the surrounding sentence for each one. We don’t use page numbers because, in ebooks, “page numbers” are just an illusion; they actually change depending on devices and settings. What you see on page 100 on your iPad, I might see on page 416 on my Kindle. But the chapter numbers always stay the same. That’s why we use them to request and keep track of changes.

To separate the before-and-after text in the book from your instructions on how to change the book, it helps if you indent or italicize it. If there are specific words in the text that need to be changed, putting them in bold will make them impossible to miss.

Here’s an example email with four requested changes:


For more questions or tips on the ebook process, explore or email us directly.

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