Invisible Order can help you out with projects big or small. If you need news updates on your website every day for the next nine months, we can do that. And if you need just one chapter of your book proofread right now, we can do that too. Here are some of the services we provide:


Great ideas shouldn’t be confined to ink and paper, waiting on factories to churn them out and trucks to ship them off. We can bring your words into elegant digital formats accessible instantly around the world. We’ve created over 200 beautiful libertarian ebooks for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the Foundation for Economic Education, and Laissez Faire Books.
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Do you need a few pictures to draw reader’s eyes to an article or to illustrate a report? We love finding and shaping classy images for free-market ideas. We illustrate everything from articles to book covers.


We hunt down typos, smooth over subject-verb disagreements, surgically reattach sentence fragments, and put out an APB for missing and misplaced punctuation. Ask us to polish up your text.


All authors need a little help now and then to make their words say what they mean and mean what they say. We are experts in making sure your message gets across.

Fact Checking

And while we’re fixing your words and checking your apostrophes, we’re also on the lookout for any factual errors. We are deep readers in history, libertarianism, Austrian economics, and the latest political news, so we catch and fix any potentially embarrassing errors before they go to print.

Coordinating with Authors

When your publishing project is getting started, we can attract new authors to it. And when it’s practically overflowing with talent, we can help you create a consistent message and tone through all their voices — while still making every author feel appreciated.

Your House Style

If you’re running a growing institution, and you have authors sending you books and articles and reports day after day, how do you make all your projects feel, to your readers, like they come from the same place?
One important method is to get consistency on the details: Should “State” be capitalized? Does “liberal” mean left liberal or classical liberal? We can create a style guide that suits your purpose and communicates your tone to your readers. Check out our free style-guide foundation. Or to get our help creating consistency in your project, just email us or use the contact form below.

What do you need done?