At Invisible Order, we take pride in creating elegant libertarian ebooks. We’ve made hundreds of ebooks for great institutions like Laissez Faire Books, the Foundation for Economic Education, and the Ludwig von Mises Institute, all now selling on Amazon.com and Apple’s iBookstore.

And now we’re opening our services to smaller organizations and self-publishing authors as well.

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As of 2012, ebook sales now outpace hardcover sales in the United States. Let us help you get out in front of this powerful trend.

Every ebook has its own opportunities, and we treat each one as an individual, making sure it has an eye-catching cover suited to the digital sales environment, internal links and navigation for ease of reading, and an overall structure that’s a joy for readers to explore.

Our titles include the Art of Being Free, Lincoln Uncensored, and Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism.

We can convert your existing print catalogue to ebooks, create new ebooks from scratch, manage your collection on Amazon.com and Apple’s iBookstore, and help you navigate the rapidly changing world of electronic publication.

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