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InvisibleMime-200Mike Reid is the publication impresario for the books and guides at He is also a publication consultant for the Future of Freedom Foundation and a copyeditor for the Mercatus Center. His writing on news, anthropology, and history has appeared in the Freeman, Whiskey and Gunpowder, Heartland’s FIRE Policy News, the Mises Daily, and Ontario History. Mike manages, writes, edits, and creates ebooks for Invisible Order.


Father of Benjamin, husband of Nathalie, and the founder of Invisible OrderBK Marcus works from Charlottesville, Virginia, as a publishing consultant. He has been the editor of the Freeman magazine and chief bookworm at He was also responsible for developing the ebook programs (now selling hundreds of books at Amazon and iTunes) of the Mises Institute and Laissez Faire Books. BK’s own blog is at


Daniel Coleman is the editor-in-chief of Spinoff, NASA’s flagship publication, which features commercialized aerospace technologies. This job takes him to conferences on both seaboards, but not yet to the unhomesteaded moon. Daniel is also a proofreader for Mises Daily. He provides the final pair of eyes on documents the Order works on, and he is a style-guide maven, constantly advancing our knowledge by untangling sticky diction and punctuation problems.


Nathalie Marcus is a bilingual (French and English) publishing consultant for print books and ebooks. She enjoys helping authors hone their words and then helping those words find their digital form for ebooks. Nathalie is an escapee from the academic world and holds a PhD in French literature from the University of Virginia — and she does not regret all the time she spent reading Baudelaire. She is also the business manager of Invisible Order.


Invisible-Harry-200Harry David proofreads and copy edits for clients including Laissez Faire Books, Demand Media Studios, and several peers and professors from his time in graduate school studying economics at George Mason University. He has worked with the Tax Foundation, the Mises Institute, the Mercatus Center, and the Institute for Humane Studies. He has also published for lay, public policy, and scholarly audiences. His website is

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